About Us

Playing pool, listening to music, making fun of everything (including ourselves), wanting to have a cool Pabst t-shirt for a bar crawl and a strong desire to be our own boss are the main reasons we started a company. Our story begins in 2006 three years before Styled Aesthetic was incorporated. After designing a shirt for a pub crawl Kyle found it difficult to find a screen printer who would print the shirt.  Rather than change the design he purchased a screen printing press and ran the shirt himself. The one color press quickly turned into a 4 color press for the next year's more elaborate design, which led to small screen printing jobs for friends and family. In the late winter of 2007 Kyle and Steve started talking about starting a business (while on a holiday pub crawl of course). With Steve's background in marketing and sales and Kyle's design background and growing knowledge of screen printing, a screen printing and design business was a natural fit. After months of planning Styled Aesthetic was born in January of 2009 in the basement of Kyle's house in Franklin, Wisconsin. From our humble beginnings we have grown out of the basement to a 2,000 square foot shop in South Milwaukee. We now have 3 part time employees and customers that span the continental United States from a diverse group of industries and companies.
The Partners:
Kyle Werra - Design & Production A gifted art student in high school, Kyle pursued his passion for art in college and received a degree in graphic design from the Milwaukee Area Technical College. His first job out of college was at a firm in his hometown of Franklin where he worked as a pre-production artist. Shortly after he began screen printing his own designs for friends and family before forming Styled in 2009. In 2011 he left the pre-production job when Styled grew enough to become his full time focus. Kyle runs the art and production departments for Styled. Steve Welk - Sales & Marketing A lifelong motorsports fanatic, Steve's initial career path was that of a professional racecar driver. After racing karts and racecars since the age of eight, he began looking for a new line of work to augment his motorsport endeavors. Steve heads up the sales and marketing efforts for the company while continuing to maintain his involvement in motorsports through his consulting company Linear Sport.